Thursday, 16 April 2015

I love immigrants me!!!

I’m writing this blog entry to explain my views on immigration. I would say that having a conversation with a European gent whilst I was helping a political party Candidate flyer his constituency helped inform my view, but in actual fact I think it just confirmed it and helped put it into words.
This gentleman has no right to vote in UK election because he is not a British citizen, despite the right-wing media’s attempts to demonise immigrants as welfare scroungers this man was receiving his retirement pension from his home country, not the British state. With reports from left-leaning newspapers now showing more UK citizens claiming benefits in Europe than non-British European citizens claiming benefits in the UK it is fair to categorise the stereotype of benefit immigrants as mostly mythical; in fact immigrants pay more taxes than they receive in benefits & are less likely than a British Citizen to be in receipt of benefits. Also I’ve read articles online displaying the geographical support for UKIP to be highest in the areas with lower immigration levels. That is because when people interact with immigrants as part of their daily lives they just become a part of the community, and see no reason to set them apart from the ‘native’ residents.
I also take exception to the argument that immigrants take jobs; this also is not true. A lot of immigrants start their own businesses which expand and in turn give job opportunities to other people. If all of our immigrants left for their home nations tomorrow, supermarkets in areas with high immigration would close, putting people out of work.
Personally I think that a loose immigration policy, with the intention to eventually replace this policy to be a world without borders is a pretty good idea. I’ve lost count of the numbers of people who’ve been excited for friends or relatives emigrating overseas but consider immigration into the UK to be a troubling problem. But moving towards a more cultural perspective I think that having many different cultures crammed together into a single space (multiculturalism) is actually quite an attractive idea. The diversity it brings enriches the town I live in. If immigration was curtailed to a minimalistic level I would not be able to enjoy the periodic European Markets of my hometown.

Personally I am very pro-EU: I am also pro-democracy, which means I feel a need to advocate for an in-out EU referendum knowing that I might be on the losing side, but with the ratio of stayers versus goers closer to 50:50 than ever before it is the fairest time to hold the referendum for both sides, so each should make its case and let the people of Britain decide.

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