Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The ‘piggate’ scandal is why we need to take money out of politics

Letting businesses be the organisations responsible for funding politics is a disaster, because where it goes is from there is a huge amount of wealth in the hands of a very small minority, who will do absolutely anything to keep hold of the power it results in.
When a very small minority of people have the overwhelming majority of a nation’s wealth, this wealth can buy influence, and in our country that has happened so ruthlessly and so effectively that we have a ruling class protected by the tax laws they wrote, and large business owners sitting in government writing the laws to keep trade unions down.
And from there we need to ask the question; who keeps the ruling class in line – and the answer to that is simple, the rest of the ruling class; not the people they are supposed to represent; which is a direct affront to the most basic principle of democracy, that people are fit to govern themselves and leaders are accountable to the people who elect them. Such a limited concentration of power leads to only 1 place. Toff-boys in there expensive dining clubs are required to perform gross and humiliating acts to make sure that should they step out of line, the line which is the collective interests of the ruling class; each and every other member of that ‘elite’ has something on them. We see an excellent example of this in this weeks "piggate" scandal, with our moron of a PM has been grassed up by a former mate of his, who alleges he skull-fucked a dead pig.
Regardless of whether it is true; this abuse of power and authority has got to be stopped. We deserve to live in a world where rule-by-fear on all levels has been eradicated; both the rule-by-fear of the rich hammering the poor with attacks on liberties & livelihoods; and the rich living in fear of the rich, who for acceptance have had to trade influence for ‘dirt’ on themselves thus handing power over them to their peers.
The solution to this, in my view is to ban the corporate funding of politics, and replace this system where every party from the moment chooses to contest an election has an equal chance of victory, where victory (determined by numbers of votes) goes to whoever makes the better argument rather than how much of an advertising campaign they can afford, and how much leverage has been handed to someone in the form of'embarrassing stories which can be revealed if the victor does not deliver on a promise in exchange for the money which funded that victory, or the high profile position which was offered in exchange for public support.
We have a right-wing press which will support the political right to advance its own business interests; we have business owners paying for the election campaigns of which ever political party will best serve their financial agenda; making parties write policies in a way which will attract the most funding in order to be able to win. Effectively this means that buying influence over the lives of ordinary people has become for a very small number of very rich men & women a business investment; and this is not acceptable.
My proposal is to demand of government an outright ban on businesses being able to fund a political party, and placing a very strict cap on how much an individual can donate.
This leads to the question: who’s with me? Who wants our political system reformed to that of an actual democracy, rather than a pale imitation designed to keep the rich in power and make it look like that’s what we chose?
If you are please click the link below and sign my petition, full text under link:

Totally ban businesses from sponsoring or donating to political parties & cap the amount an individual can donate to a political party each year (apart from party membership) to what a person employed full time on the minimum wage would receive in 1 week.
We the undersigned believe that businesses and corporations being allowed to sponsor political parties to be an affront to the democratic process:
A democratic nation is supposed to be run according to the consent of the people; however businesses being allowed to fund parties creates a situation where corporate wealth can purchase influence and places parties in the position that they have to compromise between acting in the interests of the electorate and the interests of their corporate sponsors and donors in order to receive this funding when large levels of funding come from businesses.
We the undersigned believe that donations to parties which act in the interests of wealthier people will receive a disproportional amount of funding to parties with a charter specifically to act in the interests of both poorer people and the disenfranchised because poorer people cannot afford to make such donations:
In a democratic nation each individuals citizenship should have equal value, however if a person can donate a large amount of money to a particular party then their citizenship will have a larger value because they not only have a vote, they have the ability to influence who other people vote for.

 It is our hope to create a political system where it is the quality of the words and actions of a party which will be the deciding factor in the levels of support they will receive, not how much money they can spend on making sure it is their words which are heard over the words of other parties and people.

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