Thursday, 12 February 2015

Please support my petition to take money out of politics

Totally ban businesses from sponsoring or donating to political parties & cap the amount an individual can donate to a political party each year (apart from party membership) to what a person employed full time on the minimum wage would receive in 1 week.

We the undersigned believe that businesses and corporations being allowed to sponsor political parties to be an affront to the democratic process:
A democratic nation is supposed to be run according to the consent of the people; however businesses being allowed to fund parties creates a situation where corporate wealth can purchase influence and places parties in the position that they have to compromise between acting in the interests of the electorate and the interests of their corporate sponsors and donors in order to receive this funding when large levels of funding come from businesses.
We the undersigned believe that donations to parties which act in the interests of wealthier people will receive a disproportional amount of funding to parties with a charter specifically to act in the interests of both poorer people and the disenfranchised because poorer people cannot afford to make such donations:
In a democratic nation each individuals citizenship should have equal value, however if a person can donate large amount of money to a particular party then their citizenship will have a larger value because they not only have a vote, they have the ability to influence who other people vote for.

It is our hope to create an political system where it is the quality of the words and actions of a party which will be the deciding factor in the levels of support they will receive, not how much money they can spend on making sure it is their words which are heard over the words of other parties and people.

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