Saturday, 30 November 2013

Well I’ve done it again: I’ve published a book…

A killer returns:

Jacobs’s day took a sharp turn south when just before he was about to finish work a body turns up. Mere hours later he is horrified to find out that a murder case that was never solved has just come back to haunt him. With his relationship with his boyfriend under strain and a homicidal lunatic killing people left, right and centre all he can do is hope he and his partner Sally can catch him before many more people die. Set on Teesside, this fast paced novelette is exciting and has several fascinating plot twists leading to an exciting conclusion.

Loves Thatcher so much he even copied her hairdo:

I’m not sure if he’s a nasty SoB or he’s genuinely so short sighted that he doesn’t realise the effect of inequality on the capitalist system:

This was described best to me about a week ago, when we were having a discussion on the negative effect that austerity has on the capitalist system. Take a t-shirt factory for example, if the people who work there and around it are paid just enough to feed themselves then there will be no demand for t-shirts to be mass produced because people will stick there t-shirts in the washer every so often instead of just wearing 1 until it stinks and them chucking it in the bin and buying a new one; ergo austerity eliminates demand, which means not only do people need to get paid for the work they do, they need to be paid well for it. Ergo a company policy to pay as much as can be afforded will result in greater economic growth because A) the workers will have a greater disposable income which means more stuff will be bought thus creating more demand and therefore more jobs & B) a greater level of both VAT and income tax will end up being paid because more wages will be paid and a greater number of commercial transactions will occur. Ergo a system where inequality is small and limited by design while still providing incentives for the most talented people to move up the metaphorical ladder has a practical benefit and stabilises the capitalist system.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Book Signing

Hi everyone, been a while since I’ve been on here blogging away. Just to let y’all know I’ve arranged a book signing at the Book Fare in the Forbes Buildings on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough this Saturday coming probably from about 10:00.

I’ll be signing copies of My Little Blue Book, a work of erotic fiction.

(Please beware I will only sell to people over 18)