Tuesday 10 September 2013

Yeah. it does make sense for us to have small families

To be completely honest I have to agree with this: we live in a drastically overpopulated world, and 1 thing which we do not need is a lot of people creating a lot of new people.

Never in human history have we ever managed to feed everybody on the planet and here we are with the largest population we have ever had, which has been in a constant boom for the past century.

I’m not suggesting anything as drastic as China’s 1 child rule, but better access to contraceptives and family planning services isn’t just a health issue any more; it’s a survival issue.

We may have technology to save and prolong life that we never did before now but we need to start using it responsibly. And 1 thing that that means is that now we know there’s less chance of children dying in childhood than before and with the introduction of services for older people we can afford to have fewer children and know we won’t lose out on help when were older or our families coming to an end if we have few children.

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