Tuesday 9 September 2014

Press Release for Daniella Beckett and the Beast of Whitechapel

Daniella Beckett and the Beast of Whitechapel:
Chilling New Novel Sees Murderous Werewolf Pass Blame onto Jack the Ripper.

In a unique and gripping twist of fact and fiction by A.J. McLeod, ‘Daniella Beckett and the Beast of Whitechapel’ tells the story of a werewolf who rips through London picking off victims; carefully orchestrating each murder so that Jack the Ripper will get the blame. It’s certainly a literary innovation (it also passed the Bechdel Test!), as few authors dare tread on the toes of one of history’s most notorious evil characters.

Allan J McLeod

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United Kingdom – Jack the Ripper’s story and identity has kept thousands awake at night, hoping that a similar ‘ripper’ won’t rear his head any time soon. In a new book by A.J. McLeod, Jack the Ripper experiences something of a redemption, as many of his victims are discovered to instead have been killed by a tenacious werewolf.

‘Daniella Beckett and the Beast of Whitechapel’ takes Jack’s story, wraps it in fictional twists and spits it back out in a genre-defying adventure that will stiffen the hairs on the arms of even the hardiest readers.


With the murder of Mary Jane Kelly the Modus Operandi of the killings in Whitechapel changed. The surgical skill of Jack the Ripper was replaced with ruthless abandon, and the careful, precise and deliberate methods used to carve the poor victims became vicious and frenzied.

Due to heightened tensions between the police and the people living in the East End of London the police couldn't openly admit that there was a second serial killer walking the streets of London taking the lives of innocents in the dead of night, even though this beast was far more dangerous than any which the police had hunted before.

When Daniella and her fiancé Thomas were holidaying in a quiet place a little way outside London the world seemed perfect; but when a strange and mysterious beast attacks them on the way home the world changed forever. Upon returning to London grieving the loss of her fiancé, Danielle makes an unlikely friend in a man called Theodore together and aided by a desperate police constabulary they prowl the East End of London looking for the beast who killed her fiancé.

“Nobody has ever dared take Jack the Ripper’s victims and try to pass them off as someone else’s,” admits McLeod, who has previously published a novelette and a collection of short stories. “The werewolf in our story used London’s East as his dumping ground, because he knew Jack would get the blame.”

Continuing, “But there’s a second side to this story. Daniella eventually discovers the truth and then embarks on a quest to kill the werewolf. The equinox looms and, for one reason and another, Daniella also faces becoming and remaining a werewolf if she can’t kill the antagonist before midnight. I can’t say any more; if you want to discover what happens – you’ll need to buy the book!”

‘Daniella Beckett and the Beast of Whitechapel’ is available now. For more information and to view the author’s other works, visit: http://www.allanmcleod.co.uk/.

To take advantage of a special discount on the novel (from $9.75 to just $5), enter coupon code ‘W3G2ATGQ’ when ordering from: https://www.createspace.com/4646499.

Throughout March, hard copies can be also be purchased from Amazon UK at the heavily-discounted price of just £4.75: http://amzn.to/1KVFdYl.

Kobo copies are available for 61p: http://bit.ly/1B3ZHDd.

The author has published the prologue and chapter 1 of his book on his blog and there are links to purchase the full version on Amazon, Booktopia, Kobo and Barnes & Noble, visit: http://allanmcleodonline.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/daniellabeckett-and-beast-of.html.

Merchandise can be purchased here: http://www.cafepress.co.uk/allanmcleodonline/11652564.

About the Author:

Allan McLeod was born in June 1988 and lives in Middlesbrough, in the UK. He is an honours graduate of the Open University, England and he has also studied at the University of Worcester and Inverness College of the University of the Highlands and Islands. He has higher educational qualifications in Natural & Health Sciences as well as Managing Care and Infection Prevention and Control. He has completed short courses in Chemistry, Physics, Creative Writing, Understanding Mathematics for Health and Crime Scene & Forensic Investigation.

McLeod has intensely studied creative writing and crime scene investigation (of which Jack the Ripper formed a major component). These, along with his passionate interest in the paranormal, served as perfect inspiration for such a unique novel.

Allan is currently an author in the fields of philosophy and fiction having 3 titles in-print and several more in progress or in the planning stage.

Allan’s interests are socializing, writing and personal fitness, including running and cycling.

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