Tuesday 25 June 2013

Jack the Ripper event in Middlesbrough

I went to a Jack the Ripper event at Middlesbrough central library last night and I was very impressed. I wasn’t expecting quite so much forensic science because it was part of the literary festival but I’m certainly not complaining. I got a fair bit out of it for the novel I’m writing; especially about the Whitechapel area in London at the time. I have to be honest here: I wasn’t expecting the evidence against the guy from Hartlepool to be quite so solid as a new potential candidate to the JtR but it really was.

I have loads of stuff to be considering for good material for my novel, and I may even change who I’m scripting as victims based on some of the evidence that was presented – I found out some things which made the situation in Whitechapel seem even worse than it did before, and yes that is some feat considering it was Jack the Rippers stomping ground. With over 1 murder per day in an area of 30,000 throughout the 1880’s I should have a great time describing how a Jack the Ripper copycat managed to pass of his own victims as Jack’s.

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