Monday, 3 June 2013

Yes, my sense of humour is juvenile

I had a hilarious conversation with a guy from work a while ago which I just have to post about:
There is a picture of an aeroplane on a wall at work allegedly describing how aeroplanes fly however it just consists of the word ‘important’ with arrows pointing to the various components and the work ‘magic’ in several places pointing where the science should be explained.
Well a guy I work with corrected this by summarising how an aeroplane flies into 4 words: suck, squeeze, bang, and blow, which he elaborated on with the following physics:

1.      Air gets sucked in

2.      The air is compressed

3.      Fuel gets mixed in making a bang

4.      This then gets blown out the back end resulting in forward thrust
Me being me I found this funny.

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