Monday 12 August 2013

E.U. or not to E.U.

I’m probably about to say something that is going to alienate a lot of my fellow Britain’s: I’m pro-Europe.

In fact I’m not only pro-Europe I’m openly proud of my European citizenship: Almost as proud of my European Citizenship as my British Citizenship (I did say almost). I don’t support further integration of the E.U. and in a lot of ways I think it’s doing a bad job: I think if it becomes too integrated, i.e. into a United States of Europe then a lot of the advantages that it can bring will be nullified, for example if we have a social problem that needs solving one thing which can be done is to look at other countries which have had similar problems and think ‘who’s idea worked best’, which if were so integrated we all have to do the same thing cannot be done.

But when it comes down to it we need the E.U. Look what happened a short time ago when the British government announced a referendum after the next election: business leaders for British business were on the case condemning it immediately. Although my political viewpoint is leftist I do recognise the necessity of being pro-business, especially when the economy is in such a mess – so I cannot take the populist position of the E.U. as a good for nothing institution of money grabbers.

It does seem ironic, that someone who’s views are often referred to as ‘soft core euro-scepticism’ seems so adamant that we be in the E.U., I may not like the E.U. I do not but we do need a E.U., even if it isn’t this one. But yes the E.U. does have a redeeming virtue, and this is one of the things I’m so proud of my European Citizenship for: up until the 1940’s saying the nations of Europe didn’t get on was an understatement: in the last century Europe was the focal point for the only 2 world wars in human history and for centuries before that we sailed the oceans shooting from ship to ship – we hated each other. And in only a few decades we put aside centuries of hate and are now one of the world’s leading emerging superpowers, a leader in trying to stamp out disease and war and hunger throughout the globe, which is definitely something to be proud of.

So when the pro-Europe arguments from Britain’s political parties start should the referendum go forward please listen with an open mind to the pro-E.U. arguments before turning up to vote.

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