Thursday 6 November 2014

Open Letter of complaint to Arriva regards quality of there buses in Northern England

Dear Arriva,
I am writing and publishing this open letter to complain about the (lack of) service you seem to be providing in Cleveland and the North Yorkshire coast area of England.
Firstly in many bus stops that have both electronic and paper timetables the times advertised differ leaving travellers not knowing which one is accurate.
Last weekend I travelled from Middlesbrough to Whitby on both the Friday and the Saturday and found the service to be appalling.
The electronic timetables in Middlesbrough bus station stated that the busses started at 08.50, however the first bus arrived at 09.20 on both days leaving a large crowd waiting in Middlesbrough bus station waiting for a bus which didn’t come (93 bus).
On the way back on the Saturday I found myself in an argument with a driver who after seeing my return Whitby Middlesbrough ticket (number 4 bus) failed to notify me that the bus in fact terminated at Redcar, when the front of the bus stated the destination was travelling to Middlesbrough via Loftus. When I confronted the driver he informed me that I should have asked when I got on if the bus was going to Middlesbrough, which I do not believe I should have to do:
Firstly I should not have to ask to confirm that a bus is travelling to the destination its front sign claims it is travelling to.
Secondly by presenting a Whitby-Middlesbrough return ticket to the driver, as far as I am concerned I did precisely that.
He also told me that I should have looked at the timetable in the bus station in Whitby, which at the stop he had parked in only had information for the 93 and x93 service; when I told him this he told me that that is the councils responsibility.

If I did not have money for a second ticket to take me the rest of the journey the misinformation provided would have left me stranded in a neighboring town on a Saturday night.