Tuesday 24 September 2013

Pussy Riot member on hunger strike

I think that it’s important that everyone who can spare a few minutes takes the time to read this shocking account of life inside a Russian jail.

I’ve heard this quote attributed to everybody from Churchill to Ghandi, so I’m not quite sure who first said it but it’s good advice no matter who said it (evidenced by the fact that some may people seem to have said it):

If you want to judge how civilised a nation is; look at how they treat their prisoners’

Saturday 21 September 2013

1 week to go

And here it is, the final week of editing before the 27th September release date: out next Friday is My Little Blue Book which is a collection of erotic short stories I’ve been working on over the past few months. Can’t Wait.
Will be avaliable from Amazon and other retailers.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Seriously we’re paying them even more now:


Apparently the amount of cash that the MP’s we elected to run our country are even higher now that before the expenses scandal. Oh dear.

I utterly fail to see how the MP’s can take more from a country full of broke people when more and more people are having to rely on food banks to feed themselves when it already blew up in their faces once before, and when in the past year we have had to listen to the justifications of why MP’s should be given a pay rise I for one think this is freaking ridiculous.

Frankly a new policy needs to be introduced that not only says what MP’s can and cannot claim for and sets an upper limit but also says that if any other public sector worker wouldn’t be given expenses in those circumstances, just don’t ask for it.


Wednesday 11 September 2013

Next book: Only a little longer people

Well that times coming up:

Only a few weeks left until the release date for ‘My Little Blue Book’ a collection of erotic short stories that I have written for your fantasy entertainment. Soon you’ll get to meet Tim and find out what he gets up to in hotel rooms, meet a married couple who manage to keep the romance alive in a very physical way after being together 10 years and what Kat got up to with have favourite rock star after a concert.
Avaliable in paper form and kindle

The wait is nearly over ;-)


Tuesday 10 September 2013

Yeah. it does make sense for us to have small families

To be completely honest I have to agree with this: we live in a drastically overpopulated world, and 1 thing which we do not need is a lot of people creating a lot of new people.

Never in human history have we ever managed to feed everybody on the planet and here we are with the largest population we have ever had, which has been in a constant boom for the past century.

I’m not suggesting anything as drastic as China’s 1 child rule, but better access to contraceptives and family planning services isn’t just a health issue any more; it’s a survival issue.

We may have technology to save and prolong life that we never did before now but we need to start using it responsibly. And 1 thing that that means is that now we know there’s less chance of children dying in childhood than before and with the introduction of services for older people we can afford to have fewer children and know we won’t lose out on help when were older or our families coming to an end if we have few children.

Thursday 5 September 2013

This is why the economic crisis is ongoing

20% of British workers are living of a wage below the ‘living wage’, that’s about £7.20 if you live outside London. And I can recall that the government considered things like giving smaller companies a lower minimum wage and various other things which would save money for companies such as making it easier to hire and fire which would in this climate probably mean easier to fire.
I say again what I have said before and that is that the capitalist system is relent on a comfortably wealthy workforce to survive, the capitalist system needs money to remain in circulation in order to function otherwise there is less money going round being actively used to keep capitalism going. Ergo we need a high minimum wage, so that people have the spending power to buy stuff, in order to keep businesses going with the trade from selling stuff. Ergo as long as a large chunk of the population are in poverty the economic cr4isis will continue.

Beef burgers make baby horses cry

Well Tesco’s just been done for misleading the public in relation to its handling of the horsemeat scandal.
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