Wednesday 31 July 2013

My take on the right to die debate

Although I agree that a person should have the right to die if they desperately want to and their life is unbearable, I don't see how the patients will be protected from feeling bullied by family members who treat there disabled relatives as a burden and try to bully them into asking the doctor to be euthanized with the pretence of well-meaning sentiment like 'don't you think it's time for you to go'. I recall in GCSE history a Nazi propaganda piece of a disabled woman being 'persuaded' by her husband that euthanasia would be in her interests. So how long would it be before 'right to die' would be seen by carers who want to get on with their lives as a 'duty to die' and look down on people as selfish who decide they want to live on? This is one civil liberty which is yes needed, but also open to the most serious abuse when people realise there interests conflict with those of the people they are supposed to be looking after. So how much of this would be ‘I want to die’ compared with ‘My family would be better off without me’.

Friday 19 July 2013

My hometown

Despite people perceptions of the area I find the view of Middlesbrough from the top of Middlesbrough Tower on the Teesside University campus quite spectacular. Looking from the windows on the east side of the building to the south east from the science labs on the upper floors the scenery is remarkably and surprisingly picturesque.

The greenery breaks up the masses of housing and industrial estates making the entire town look like many large suburbs running into each other – in the background the Cleveland hills give the scenic views when Middlesbrough’s urban landscape is looked past that one would expect of a holiday postcard.

Monday 15 July 2013

Best Toasty in the World

I think I came up with the recipe for the perfect cheese toasty yesterday: like normal cheese toasty but better:

Take 2 slices of thick cut bread – and like normal butter the outside with butter or spread or whatever it is you usually use.
Then smear a thin layer of garlic sauce on the inside of the bread and sprinkle a little black pepper on it.

Stick a load of cheese in it like you normally do and then cut and add a little bit of double Gloucester with chives.

Stick it the toasty machine and try not to drool while you wait.

Saturday 13 July 2013

Getting there

Excellent past few days, I managed to get one of the stories I’d written down typed up and got another one fully finished. Had a bit of a night off last night at a burlesque show: was excellent as always – I saw some very exciting and imaginative acts, sexy, artistic and funny all rolled into 1, I was impressed. I think I’m going to put the order for the adverts for my next book out soon too: All very exciting.

Friday 5 July 2013

Plodding along

OK then I’ve finished my latest short story and I’ve begin the next. I’ve had so many inspirational ideas over the past few days I’ve got half a notepad with scribbling’s of stuff I need to write up into short story form. Well on Track for the September realise date.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

busy times

I sat my UKCAT test again today: I did OK scoring about the same as last year. I’m filling out yet another application to medical school. I’ve got about half way through typing up the short story I’m submitting for creative writing and now I need to start writing up the physics portfolio. I’ve managed to get a bit of spare time to myself and finished the last scene of one of the erotic short stories I intent to publish in September done, naturally I’ll post links to any suppliers in various countries online when it comes out either here or on my author website @