Wednesday 26 September 2018

Happy World Contraception Day 2018

Probably TMI but tough titties. Today I recieved a home STD testing kit through the post. I didn't request it because I did something risky and had an 'oh shite... What if' moment a day later, I'm not displaying symptoms of an STD and in fact I'm not worried I have any of the diseases that are tested for. I ordered it because 'just in case', because condoms minimalise risk they don't eliminate it and sexually active people should be tested every year because sometimes shit happens.
So a drop of blood will be drawn from my pinkie finger, I'm going to fill a pisspot to 9ml, swab the back of my throat and stick another swab up my bum. And then I'm going to send it off to be tested. And then after minimal discomfort and without a stranger doing anything invasive I get confirmation that I'm not putting anyone else at risk and Little Allan isn't going to go green and fall off.
My point is get tested, and get tested regularly. Antibiotic resistance is a serious danger and the best way to fight it is to practice safe sex to avoid STD's and be treated for anything you have before you pass it on.
STD testing doesn't mean being sat in a clinic with your hood pulled up with a bad rash you're resisting an urge to scratch, it is something which can be done in private in a completely dignified way. My point; please get tested - it's not frightening, it's not painfull & it's not embarrassing. Regular testing needs to be just as much as a part of safe sex as condoms. Anyways..... Have fun 😉

#PlaySafe #StigmaKills #SafeSex