Thursday 5 September 2013

This is why the economic crisis is ongoing

20% of British workers are living of a wage below the ‘living wage’, that’s about £7.20 if you live outside London. And I can recall that the government considered things like giving smaller companies a lower minimum wage and various other things which would save money for companies such as making it easier to hire and fire which would in this climate probably mean easier to fire.
I say again what I have said before and that is that the capitalist system is relent on a comfortably wealthy workforce to survive, the capitalist system needs money to remain in circulation in order to function otherwise there is less money going round being actively used to keep capitalism going. Ergo we need a high minimum wage, so that people have the spending power to buy stuff, in order to keep businesses going with the trade from selling stuff. Ergo as long as a large chunk of the population are in poverty the economic cr4isis will continue.

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