Saturday 1 June 2013

My Novel

OK then: just got given a few new books for my birthday which will help with the next one (the supernatural horror, I know it’s hard to keep up but I tend to have a lot of projects on-the-go at once; it makes life interesting) The novel I’m writing is a post-Jack the Ripper story, focusing on the murders which followed Jack the Ripper in London. JtR has been done to death (no pun intended) so I decided to focus on some of the later Whitechapel murders.

On a funny note I had a chat in the staff canteen of the hospital I volunteer at when I went in for a job interview a few weeks ago with one of my colleagues about my novel. The JtR murders had a certain level of surgical skill and the ones that followed were plain savage, yet at the time some people considered them to be “Ripping’s” at the time – I made the remark that if this was accurate then ‘Jack the Ripper killed some people: and then he went mental’: totally forgetting that in conversation context matters and I was talking about what was done to the body rather than his state of mind. Oops.

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