Saturday 17 August 2013

Surely this man was sacked for just doing his job?

So Ryanair is preparing to prosecute a pilot they sacked because he questioned the safety record of the company on television?

Isn’t it his job to ensure the safety of his passengers while he’s on a plane? I think that it is absolutely disgraceful that that a company would sack someone for whistleblowing safety concerns. Unfortunately it happens every day, sacking whistle-blowers. The air travel company has been accused by pilots of encouraging them to carry a minimalistic level of reserve fuel in order to save money.

In a television documentary a pilot named Goss claims he received a ‘critical letter’ telling him he was using too much fuel and that a lot of pilots had safety concerns and little confidence in reporting systems.

Ryanair’s standpoint on this matter was clear however: openly admitting you have safety concerns is defamatory: goodbye. Didn’t we have a similar incident a few years ago where a doctor was prosecuted for openly claiming a heart disease treatment was unsafe? I can see a lots changed since then.

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