Wednesday 7 August 2013

UKIP at it again

Perhaps this guy should go back to school. That’s where I learned what overseas aid is used for: A few decades ago we as a species did something we had never done before and have never done again since: we eradicated smallpox. We are only a few years away from sending polio the same way with a global vaccination programme. Should we cut that programme or keep it going? Bearing in mind before you answer that dear readers that polio is so contagious and the time difference between infection and the presentation of symptoms is so great that 1 case is enough to declare an epidemic. As long as 1 person has polio in the world everybody who hasn’t been vaccinated is at risk.

It genuinely frightens me how much support UKIP are getting right now, they’ve had so much bad press for not vetting there members properly and every so often someone really crosses the mark and the party has to disavow themselves of him- the other 3 parties might be out of touch in the UK but idiots like this are by no means the solution.

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